IALC Code of Ethics - Best Practice for our International language schools

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1. Each member must be legally constituted and authorised to operate in and according to the current laws and regulations of the country in which it is situated.

2. Each member must maintain high standards of facilities and teaching, and employ only qualified, experienced staff who are committed to increasing the language skills of their students in a responsible and efficient manner.

3. Each member must create and maintain a learning environment of high quality, in which students can make optimum progress towards their individual learning goals.Any prospectus or other promotional literature of a member must give a fair and accurate representation of the member and clearly state its terms of enrolment, fee payment and cancellation.

4. Each member must make every effort to provide carefully selected accommodation in homestay or in halls of residence or in hotels, as requested, for students requiring these facilities.

5. Each member must have an appropriately qualified and experienced person in its staff responsible for student support.

6. Each member must provide a programme of social and cultural events to ensure that students experience and enjoy the culture of the country they are visiting.

7. Each member must provide courses within a clearly understood and communicated curriculum framework.

8. Each member must provide a welcoming atmosphere and properly advise all students to ensure that they enroll for the course that best suits their requirements.

9. Each member must assess all students on arrival to ensure that they are placed in the appropriate class level.

10. Each member must guarantee the integrity of any examination taken or certificates awarded.

11. Each member must have a management and administration system that efficiently meets the needs of its clients. 

12. Each member must distribute to all clients written procedures for the resolution of complaints.

13. Each member must have a clear procedure for receiving and acting on client feedback. 

14. Each member must conform rigorously to the rules and regulations laid down by law in the country where it is situated.

15. Each member must abide by the Constitution and By-laws of IALC.


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