Ascot: A Royal and Relaxing Place to Learn English

If you are looking for a place to learn English in the UK, you might want to consider Ascot, a town in Berkshire that is famous for its racecourse and its royal connections. It is located about 25 miles west of London, and 6 miles south of Windsor, the former official residence of Queen Elizabeth II which is open to the public and offers guided tours of its exhibitions and gardens.

The town owes its fame and fortune to Queen Anne, who founded the Ascot Racecourse in 1711, after spotting the potential for a racecourse on Ascot Heath. The first race was held on August 11, 1711, and was attended by the Queen and several members of the court. Since then, Ascot has been hosting the Royal Ascot meeting every year in June, which is one of the most prestigious and glamorous events in the British social calendar. 

Not only for race-lovers!

Ascot is not only a great destination for horse racing enthusiasts, but also for anyone who wants to learn English while enjoying the beauty and culture of the English countryside. It has a rich and diverse history and culture, which can expose you to different aspects of the English language and society. Ascot has also been the home of many famous and influential people, such as the novelist George Eliot, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell.

Learn English in Ascot

Ascot is surrounded by beautiful countryside and rich wildlife, which makes it a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. One of the most popular attractions is the Windsor Great Park, a historic royal park that covers about 2,020 hectares of forests, grasslands, lakes and gardens. You can see historical monuments, rare wildlife, and beautiful plants. You can also visit the Savill Garden, which is one of the most decorated ornamental gardens in the UK, and showcases plants from around the world. Another attraction is the Englemere Pond, a nature reserve that is home to various birds, insects, and plants. You can walk around the pond and admire the peaceful surroundings.

Ascot has a convenient location and transport links for younger learners. It is close to London, where they can visit some of the most iconic landmarks and museums in the world, such as the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum. 

Ascot is more than just a racecourse. It’s a place where you can learn English in a beautiful and cultural setting. You will not only improve your language skills, but also discover the charm and character of this royal and relaxing town.

Learning English in Ascot is a rewarding and enjoyable experience!

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