As an association committed to language learning and cultural exchange, we are proud to contribute research on language study abroad.

As a leading association for the learning of languages abroad, one of the core values of IALC is to build a global community and foster international understanding through collaboration and sharing across the world.

IALC Research Reports

2021: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Student Experience

Commissioned by the IALC Board in May 2020, the aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on IALC students and to serve as a resource for all international language schools, study travel agencies and the wider industry. 

The report draws its data, observations, analysis, suggestions and conclusions from research conducted between 17 August 2020 – 9 October 2020. 1565 students who had studied at IALC schools responded.

2018: The student perspective on language study abroad: Perfecting the student experience

The IALC 2018 Research Report: Perfecting the student experience, is a follow up to the IALC 2017 Research Report: Student expectations, experiences and satisfaction. Both reports were the result of an online survey of over 4,700 students and one of the first systematic attempts to measure the student experience at a global level.

This second report delves deeper than its predecessor in its analyses of the experience of students in IALC schools by measuring levels of student fulfilment.

2017: The student perspective on language study abroad: Student expectations, experiences and satisfaction

In total, over 4,700 language travellers took part in the IALC Study Travel Research Report 2017 on the student perspective on language study abroad.

This is the third study travel research reports commissioned by IALC, but the first edition to focus on the end-customer.

The result is a unique piece of research on language learning that identifies and measures changes in pre-arrival and post-arrival preferences. They provide quantitative and qualitative information on any unexpected benefits and disappointments of language study abroad and track whether existing language knowledge or proficiency, or a previous study abroad experience, influences these preferences and ultimately, the student satisfaction.

2016: Trends in demand for foreign languages

Surprisingly little research exists into trends in demand for foreign language learning at home or abroad. IALC is delighted to have commissioned StudentMarketing to redress the balance with this detailed report, comprising primary and secondary research and providing a comprehensive analysis of the global language travel market as it pertains to learning different languages.

The power of this report lies in the primary research. In total, 466 agencies from 74 countries participated, representing a pool of more than 236,000 language travel students - some 10% of the global study abroad market.

The study provides an analysis of the trends in demand for nine major languages - Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese Russian and Spanish - drivers, reasons for study and age specific market breakdowns. The result is a unique piece of research into an area of life-long learning in which billions of people participate.

2015: Perception of independent and boutique chain schools in language travel

We commissioned StudentMarketing to compile research that would provide a comprehensive insight into the current state of the global language travel market, with a specific focus on the perception of independent schools and boutique chains on the one hand, and larger chain schools on the other.

Agencies had an opportunity to voice their preferences and experience of working with both school types, and to comment on a range of aspects that relate to the agent-provider business relationship.

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