Our Partners

IALC is always keen to work with quality partners to help maintain the highest quality standards in the industry to innovate and collaborate. In order to further collaboration, IALC has signed Memourandom of understanding agreements (MOU) with the following associations.

ABRAPEI the Brazilian Association of International Education Professionals

ABRAPEI is an association whose purpose is to promote and protect professionals in the activity of representing international organizations and market management in the international education industry, as well as the professional institutions to which they belong.

ABRASEEIO - the Brazilian Association of Exchange Specialist Companies

ABRASEEIO's mission is to promote Oceania as a destination for studies, bringing together schools, exchange agencies, companies in the sector and governments; Creating standards of conduct and performance in the market; Strengthening the sector, bringing security, credibility and respect to the market and its consumers.

BELTA – the Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association

The Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association unites the major Brazilian institutions which work in the area of courses, internships and exchanges abroad.
Founded on the 1st July 1992, BELTA is a recognized association both in Brazil and abroad. Nowadays, their partners represent more than 70% of the international education market in Brazil.


Bildungsurlaub or as it is called in Baden-Württemberg “Bildungszeit" accreditation is a scheme in Germany which allows German employees to take up to two weeks paid leave to pursue further education. Employees can only study at institutes recognised by the German Ministry and the criteria and paperwork needed to obtain recognition is complicated and varies from state to state within Germany.


The Edvisor Platform is an award-winning international student recruiting platform that connects schools
with their partner agencies and allows them to collaborate in real-time. Language schools use Edvisor to
more efficiently share offerings, market pricing, and marketing materials, reduce manual labour
processing registrations, eliminate errors made by agents when quoting, streamline communication with
b2b and to nurture and grow their agency network.

FDSV - the Association of German Language Schools and Language Tour Operators

The Association of German Language Schools and Language Tour Operators(FDSV) is a consortium of leading German language tour operators and language schools that have committed to compliance with the strickt quality guidelines of the FDSV - on the basis of the European standard for language-study tour providers (EN 14804). Founded in 1977, the FDSV played a leading role in the development of the standard for language-study tour providers.

JAOS the Japan Association of Overseas Studies

Established in 1991, our mission is to promote the healthy development of the study abroad industry in Japan by establishing ethical best practice guidelines for organizations, educating and training study abroad counselors and advisors, and engaging in various other promotional activities to increase awareness of, and further the development of a safe and rewarding environment for Japanese study abroad students.
Recognized by the Japanese government as a General Incorporated Association in 2008, JAOS membership consists not only of private companies but also includes public organizations such as the Australian Embassy Marketing Office and the British Council, as well as various trade-related associations. 

TIECA the Thai International Education Consultants Association

TIECA currently has 78 members actively working in the education Industry in Thailand. In a similar way to IALC.  TIECA’s main objectives are to share expertise in the field of international education and help raise standards of practice and services rendered to students. In this sense, IALC and TIECA are a perfect match. 

YEDAB the Association of Study Abroad Consultants 

YEDAB ensures unity in the Study Abroad sector, which has existed in its country for more than 20 
years. YEDAB proceeds on this path with the mission of increasing the quality by playing an active role 
in the regulation studies in the sector, so that the stakeholders of the sector get to know each other 
better and produce common ideas, work on the main problems of the sector.

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