IALC Quality Standards - High Quality Language Learning Centres


When we look for new members, we expect not only excellent teaching service, but also a genuine passion for language study abroad. Only then can we be confident that each language student’s unique study abroad experience with IALC will be positive. 

So in addition to specific requirements in various areas, we look for an attitude. IALC should be happy places to study, where committed directors and a motivated team give their clients the best possible experience, and where individuality and creativity exist alongside professionalism and best practice. 

To ensure consistently high standards, our schools are accredited under the IALC Quality Scheme

We set minimum standards in all areas of language school operation, as well as requiring continuous improvement. Our Quality Scheme is updated regularly to meet changing consumer expectations and current best practice in international language education. Its components are a four-yearly inspection and an annual online assessment.

An IALC language school must:

  • Be legally constituted and conform to the laws of its country
  • Be independent of a large chain or corporate group 
  • Teach the official language of the country as a main activity
  • Offer courses at language levels that meet its clients’ needs
  • Have operated for at least three years
  • Operate year-round with five or more classrooms 
  • Conform to the IALC Code of Ethics and IALC Accommodation Code
  • Meet the standards of the IALC Quality Scheme
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