Learn English in Washington, USA!

Founded on July 16, 1790, Washington, DC is the country's capital city and is home to the most important government buildings, including the U.S Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court. The city boasts a fantastic collection of museums, monuments and landmarks which reflect the city's historical importance. But Washington today is not just a monument to the past, it is also an exciting, vibrant and culturally diverse city which makes it a fantastic place to study English!

The past and the present

The city is rich with international cultures, African American heritage and culture. After more than 200 years as the nation’s capital, Washington has developed as a complex and layered city, with a distinctive character: both a town for locals, an international center of power and an amazing place to visit. This iconic destination offers you the best of both worlds by delving into the nation’s past with a visit to the National Mall and museums or adventuring into very modern, exciting neighbourhoods.

    Top tips for your stay in WashingtonTop tips for your stay in Washington

    There are numerous historic places to visit during your stay, including:

    • The White House
    • The Lincoln Memorial
    • The National Mall
    • The United States Capitol
    • The Kennedy Center
    • The National Museum of Air and Space
    • The Washington National Cathedral
    • The National Museum of African American Culture and History
    • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial
    • The United States Holocaust Memorial Center and many other must-see landmarks in American history

    There is more in this lovely city!

    Beyond the traditional D.C, attractions, Smithsonian museums, the U.S. Capitol and monuments, you’ll find fresh food, arts and a vibrant nightlife scene. Spend your mornings pursuing the city’s huddle of farmers markets and spend your afternoons admiring contemporary exhibits. Finish the evenings with a show at The John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts.

    Foodie’s paradise

    You can find a really diverse range of cuisines in Washington which reflects the city's ethnic diversity. From authentic Latin American to Ethiopian take-outs, to budget busting high-end cuisine.

    The local dish is the half-smoke, - a smoked half-beef, half-pork sausage in a hotdog bun with a kick of heat.

    Getting around

    The city is well served by a system of clean, safe and user-friendly buses and underground trains (the Metrorail). It is also ranked as one of the top cities in the U.S. for bicycling, with dedicated bike lanes and bike parking available.

    Learn English in Washington for a culturally enriched experience! 

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