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Learn German in Cologne, Germany!

Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany, but it has a friendly local feeling. Students taking a German course in Cologne will find a warm welcome and feel quickly at home.

Perhaps the most famous building in Cologne is the Cathedral, which is said to contain the remains of the ‘Three Kings’ - also known as the Three Wise Men of Biblical fame. While the cathedral itself was built 700 years ago, Cologne is even more ancient - 2,000 years old. 

This means that language students in Cologne get to explore some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe, from the Hohenzollern Bridge, to the Roman Gate and the St Apostles Basilica.

Tips for German language students in Cologne

Cologne has a great public transport network. You can buy Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe which are one day or three day passes that let you travel on the subway, trams and regional train services. The national train companies also have regular offers, so look out for chances to travel to Bonn, Berlin and Munich for as little as a quarter of the usual price.

Cologne loves beer, and even has its own special beer called Kölsch, which is like a lager. It can only be brewed to standards agreed by the Cologne Brewery Association. If you like beer, a trip to the Cologne suburb of Ehrenfeld is a good idea. The Live Music Hall in Ehrenfeld holds twice yearly “Ehrenfeld Hopping”. This is a pub crawl where every sixth pub gives you a free drink. It’s a lot of fun, and will introduce you to some bars and clubs that most students would never find on their own.

If you don’t like beer, how about chocolate? Cologne has a Chocolate Museum on the banks of the Rhine which features the history of chocolate and a 3-metre-high chocolate fountain, where museum staff will dip a waffle into the molten chocolate for each visitor. It’s the one museum that citizens of Cologne visit just as often as tourists.

Things to do outside your German classes

A boat trip along the Rhine is a special experience. You can choose a cruise through the old town or around the Rheinauhafen district with its modern architecture. You can also take a night cruise that includes a live band and dancing.

Cologne is famous for perfume - the name eau de cologne comes from the city. The Farina museum offers a short tour that takes visitors through the history of perfumes and even teaches you how to tell a real eau de cologne from a fake one. The 4711 shop in Glockengasse holds a workshop in German every week where you can design your own scent.

Cologne also has its own carnival, which starts on 11 November and finishes on the Monday before Ash Wednesday. That means that Carnival can be as much as six months long! Rose Monday is the day that the street parade takes place and citizens dress up and dance in the street yelling ‘Lang lebe Köln’ - Long live Cologne.

Learn German in Cologne for the ultimate learning experience!

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