Learn Arabic in Amman, Jordan!

Amman is the capital of Jordan and is a fascinating, modern, and multi-cultural city that is characterized by its numerous ancient ruins. It has been described as a city of contrasts: a fantastic blend of old and new, ideally positioned between the desert and the Jordan Valley. To put it simply, it is an unforgettable destination in which to propel your Arabic language skills forward.

In the commercial centre of the city, modern buildings, hotels, and art galleries are accompanied by traditional cafes, snack bars and restaurants. However, the city's much older past is seen through the incredible ancient ruins that show the remnants of ancient civilizations.

It is both the modern and ancient capital of Jordan and it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the World.

The Roman ruins of Amman

Jordan was once part of the Roman Empire and many towns were conquered and transformed into beautiful majestic cities. Today, visitors can explore the numerous Roman ruins across the country such as the iconic Hercules Temple in Amman. The Temple of Hercules is the most famous site within the Amman citadel. Students can visit the citadel to see the infamous hand that is believed to be the hand of a large Roman statue of Hercules. Students can visit the Roman ruins of Jordan any time of the year!

Exquisite cuisine

Due to its diverse mix of Arabian cultures Amman is home to some amazing and varied cuisine. Meat products are generally in the form of lamb or chicken and is served with cucumbers and tomatoes. Students can discover many great local places where you can eat mansaf, hummus, falafel, sharwma and baba ghanoush, to name a few. Students will also be able to find many international restaurants that serve great food with a reasonable prices.  Amman also has a great selection of bars and clubs which clubs range from ultra-trendy to ultra-expensive, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Learn Arabic in Amman for an exciting learning experience!

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