Our newest addition to the IALC destinations portfolio

Amman is the capital of Jordan and is a fascinating, modern and multi-cultural city that is characterized by its numerous ancient ruins. It has be described as a city of contrasts: a fantastic blend of old and new, ideally positioned between the desert and the Jordan Valley. To put it simply, it is an unforgettable destination to propel your Arabic language skills forward.

In the commercial centre of the city, modern buildings, hotels and art galleries are accompanied by traditional cafes, snack bars and restaurants. However, the city's much older past is seen through the incredible ancient ruins that show the remnants of ancient civilizations.

It is both the modern and ancient capital of Jordan and it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the World.

Ali Baba International Center is located in the heart of Amman and learning Arabic in Jordan is by far the best way to transform your language school experience into an adventure.

The center offers immersion programs throughout the year. A typical program consists of a language course, a comfortable accommodation, and set of rich extracurricular activities. Participants in the programs will also be encouraged to meet and interact with local people in order to immerse them in every fabric of the Jordanian society and give them insider’s view of Jordanians lives.

All courses are taught at Ali Baba International Center by experienced multilingual Jordanian teachers with solid teaching experience. Their years of experience have proved that attainment, immersion and flexibility are the principles which make learning Arabic at Ali Baba International Center unlike any other program in Jordan.

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