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Study German in Münster, Germany!

Münster is famous for its bicycles and for its universities and research institutes. It is a city that thrives on many visiting scholars - one-fifth of the population of Münster is students!

Living as a language student in Münster is very easy - this small historic city is homey and easy-going. Most of the city can be reached from the 4.5km promenade which used to be the city wall and is now a path for cyclists and walkers. In summer, a Trödelmarkt (jumble sale), where people sell second-hand items, runs along most of the promenade, making it a perfect place to walk, look for bargains and try your German skills.

Rich in history

Münster was home to a congress of European ambassadors between1644-1648. Together they crafted a peace treaty that ended the Thirty Years War. This document was signed in Münster’s Friedenssaal (Peace Hall), which Munster, Germany  you can visit for free.

The Cathedral was recently renovated and has sections from the 8th and 13th centuries. It stands close to St Lamberti’s church, which is famous for two things. The three iron cages dangling from the spire once held the bodies of the leaders of the Anabaptist Rebellion (1534) who were hung up to deter other heretics. And a tower keeper plays a copper bugle every half hour between 21:00 and 24:00 (except Tuesdays). The tower keeper’s job was first recorded in 1383 and has been filled (except during wartime) ever since.

All the buildings around the Prinzipalmarkt are beautiful and historical and the Stadtmuseum (free to visit) contains a complete history of Münster and the wider region of Münsterland. After your museum visit, the many little shops around Prinzipalmarkt are ideal for buying souvenirs.

For art lovers!

Art is a big part of Münster life. Every decade the city hosts Skulptur Projekte Münster, where international artists create huge sculptures which are displayed throughout the city for free. Some are so popular they remain permanently on show, like the three concrete balls on the Aasee. The next exhibition takes place in 2017. There is also the Pablo Picasso Museum: it’s worth paying the entry fee as it contains some world-famous Picasso paintings.

Student life in Münster

  • Münster is the perfect place to learn German because it has wonderful sporting facilities, lots of leisure activities and beautiful nature parks.
  • The city is full of cycling and running paths, and Münsterland is well-known for itsgolf courses. The city also hosts international sporting events including the Sparkassen Muensterland Giro cycling race.
  • For keen cooks and food lovers, the Wochenmarkt (weekly market) takes place on the Domplatz on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Bakers, butchers and farmers give away samples of their regional foods. Meat and fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese and sweets can all be purchased.
  • Relaxation is important for successful studying and the Aasee, a lake within walking distance of the city centre, is the place to sunbathe on the lakeside, hire a paddle-boat or learn how to sail.
  • For bird-lovers, a visit to the Rieselfelder nature reserve north of Münster is essential. It’s famous for the flocks of migratory birds that visit in spring and autumn.

Learn German in Münster, a city perfect for students!

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