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Moscow Red Square

Learn Russian in Moscow, Russia!

Moscow’s economic importance, rich history and vibrant culture have made it a leading destination for learning Russian in Russia.

The first Russian reference to Moscow dates from 1147. The city is named after and situated on the banks of the giant Moskva River, which flows for over 500 km through Russia. It has been the capital of a series of states from the medieval Grand Duchy of Moscow and Tsarist Russia to the Soviet Union.

Moscow has developed into a stable and prosperous city thanks to the emergence of a market economy, which has produced an explosion of Western-style retailing, services, architecture, and lifestyles. 21st century Moscow is a hub of creative energy, enterprise, and entrepreneurship.

Explore the city!

Russian learners can immerse themselves in the Muscovite lifestyle and explore the many sides of the great capital.

Moscow’s unique architecture makes a striking first impression, from the classic Saint Basil’s Cathedral with its elegant onion-shaped domes to the contemporary Seven Sisters - seven imposing skyscrapers scattered throughout the city.

A trip to Moscow would not be complete without a visit to Red Square, which separates the Kremlin from the historic merchant quarter known as Kitai-gorod.

Among many other places to visit are the State Historical Museum of Russia, Bolshoi Theatre, Pushkin Fine Arts Museum and Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow’s performing arts scene is a major attraction and classical ballet, music and theatre have long been at the heart of Russian culture. Alongside the world-famous Bolshoi Theatre, the city offers the more experimental as well.

Moscow is a green city, with 96 parks and 18 gardens, including four botanical gardens and Maxim Gorky’s Central Park of Culture and Leisure, better known as Gorky Park.

Moscow has lots to offer!

The river and its canals are spanned by 49 bridges, with activities ranging from boating in summer to ice-skating in winter. At weekends the city’s cafes, arts and craft markets and galleries beckon.

For food and drink lovers, Moscow offers cuisine from all over the world. But for a taste of true Russia, sampling the local flavours is recommended.

Vodka is Russia’s most famous export and can be either grain or potato based. It is frequently flavoured with a variety of ingredients ranging from hot pepper to berries.

For late-night revellers, Moscow has a vibrant night life, with the most popular spots around Tverskaya Street. In a city of 12 million inhabitants, there are bars, pubs, clubs, and live music venues for all tastes.

For its sheer variety and dynamism, Moscow is a natural choice for a Russian language course in Russia.

Learn Russian in Moscow, a city with rich history and a vibrant culture!

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