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    Horizonte has been offering German language courses since 1986. The small school is located in the medieval city centre of Regensburg, UNESCO world heritage and one of the most beautiful cities of...


Regensburg is a student centre on the Danube - perfect for a German course in Germany

Regensburg’s military gate, Porta Praetoria, was only discovered in 1885, and has been restored so that today you can walk through the Roman arch into the city. In the city centre is the Steinerne Brücke, a famous landmark bridge that crosses the Danube and links Regensburg to the Stadtamhof. Each side of the bridge is home to shops, cafés and restaurants and colourfully painted town houses, making this district very popular with visiting students. The Bruckmandl (Bridge Man) statue is so famous that he has given his name to a meal (Bruckmandl schnitzel) and a local beer.

Top attractions of Regensburg

The Neupfarrplatz is a famous square in the city centre which hosts a weekly market selling locally grown foods like asparagus and strawberries. Regensburg has many small squares, linked by tiny alleys, which make the city a medieval maze. So it’s good to carry a street map to help you find your way around, but don’t worry about getting lost: local people are used to giving directions and this is the perfect way to practise speaking German.

The Walhalla temple is to the east of the city and is home to statues of 128 famous people of German and European origin. This is the best place to see the whole of Regensburg and River Danube, and it’s a wonderful location for a picnic.

St. Peter’s Cathedral is home to the Regensburger Domspatzen, a boys choir that was created in 975AD and has performed traditional church music ever since. At Easter and Christmas, the cathedral is full of music lovers who come to listen to this famous choral group perform great religious songs, but language students in Regensburg can enjoy the sound of the ‘Cathedral Sparrows’ every Sunday. Because the boys’ voices are very pure and well-trained, this can be a useful way to hear perfect German pronunciation and improve your own German accent!

Student life in Regensburg

Like many medieval cities, Regensburg celebrates many special events and festivals throughout the year. Most popular is the Regensburger Dult, a festival with Bavarian food and drink which is held every spring and autumn. The four Christmas markets run for the whole of December.

Life in Regensburg is very casual - Jahninsel Island in the middle of the Danube is famous as a great place to have a barbecue with friends. Once a year in summer it becomes a music festival, the Jahninselfest, where you can hear many kinds of live music for a small price.

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