• GLS German Language School Berlin

    The park-like GLS campus is a green oasis in the very center of Berlin, in über trendy Prenzlauer Berg. In addition to an absolutely central location the GLS campus offers facilities of an exceptionally high standard. Facilities include 60 classrooms, a restaurant serving modern German food, 50 fully equipped apartments and 72 rooms in Hotel Oderberger, a Berlin landmark building under monument protection. German courses start every Monday on all levels. Special offers: German courses for...

  • BWS Germanlingua Berlin

    BWS Germanlingua was founded in 1984 and since then carries out German language courses. We have developed an excellent reputation amongst international students with our high level of teaching and friendly atmosphere.

    The large number of students who return to the school each year is proof of our success. Our schools are located in Munich, Cologne and Berlin in a quiet site close to the city centre. Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced teachers, the friendly and welcoming atmosphere...

Study German in Berlin - a city of culture fun and learning

In Berlin you’ll find a relaxed environment for studying, a respect for learning and the incredible experience of living in a multicultural and historic capital city. Other benefits to learning German in Berlin are the simple street plans, great public transport and amazing nightlife!

Things to do while studying in Berlin

Brandenburger Tor
Charlottenburg Palace

Berlin has many cultural activities throughout the year, from small and alternative to world-class events, like the famous Berlinale, an international film festival that happens every February. Based in Potsdamer Platz and the Sony Centre, it bring the world’s finest movie directors and actors to the streets of Berlin.

Also popular is a visit to Museum Island in the former East Berlin, which holds five different museums: The Bode, The New Museum, the Old Museum, the Old National Gallery and the Pergamon. While the museums are only free on certain days, visiting the island itself is always free and the architecture is wonderful.  

Berliners spend their afternoons in the Hackescher Höfe. Located next to the Hackescher Market, the Höfe is the biggest enclosed courtyard in Germany. Filled with coffee shops, cool night clubs and fashion boutiques, this venue is perfect for finding gifts and trendy clothing.

Berlin is famous for its nightlife, with hundreds of nightclubs, cafes and bars to explore in different quarters of the city. And by day, the surrounding area of Brandenburg is easy to explore, from historic Potsdam to the lakes and forests where you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities.

Tips for international students in Berlin

Living costs are relatively cheap in Berlin, but for those who like bargains, there are many great activities that cost nothing. For example:

  • The East Side Gallery - this space runs alongside the Spree River. It’s the largest remaining section of the famous Berlin Wall and is now an open air street-art gallery created by artists from around the world.
  • Park life - from the Tiergarten in the centre of Berlin to the Tempelhofer which is a former airport and still has runways, the city offers many splendid parks. Mauerpark even has a Sunday market with Bearpit Karaoke where brave singers get to perform in front of large audiences.
  • History - from the Berlin Wall to the Holocaust memorial, from the Brandenburg Gate to the Reichstag, Germany’s past comes to life in Berlin. The Charlottenburg Palace is a beautiful baroque building for architecture lovers, and there is even a secret toy museum of the GDR period, which can be found on Choriner Strasse.
  • Wise students always invest in the ClassicCard, which anybody under thirty years of age can buy - it offers big discounts to ballet, classical music and opera shows performed in the city.