Learn Italian online with Dilit Italian Language School in Rome

Written by Rosie Baker 23 March 2020

Learn Italian online with Dilit Italian Language School in Rome

IALC-accredited Italian language school, DILIT are now offering online lessons with the same passion and energy of their lessons in the classroom in Rome.

Learn Italian online from the comfort of your own home, whether you are a beginner or advanced, you have the choice to join in on group or indivudal classes via ZOOM technology.

The methodology of Dilit's face-to-face lessons has been adapted to the online lessons which, together with their afternoon cultural program, have become a moment of unique sharing.

Tommaso: Grandad, what happened in March 2020? It's on the history book!
Grandfather: A deadly virus arrived and suddenly changed our lives. The day before we were all hanging together: relatives, friends, colleagues and students... the next day we found our lives turned upside down.
Tommaso: And what did you do?

Grandfather: We were all at home for a long time and we could only communicate on line or by phone. Dilit moved everything online and students from all over the world kept on meeting on a screen. Webinars, online lessons, and all kind of activities helped us thought the tough times.

Tommaso: And then?

Grandfather: Spring finally arrived. We were looking forward to going out, meeting and hugging each other. The world had stopped, but you know Tommaso, even in a bad situation there is a positive side.

Tommaso: And what was the positive side?

Grandfather: That we all learned the true meaning of life.
Tommaso: Why?
Grandfather: Because it was taken from us.
And believe me, Tommy, the espresso I had when the bar reopened was the best coffee ever.
Tommaso: But it was your usual bar, wasn't it?
Grandfather: Yes, but the coffee had another flavor: the flavor of a country that made it

Waiting to have that coffee all together,  Learn Italian with Dilit ONLINE!

DILIT, established in 1974, is one of the most prestigious Italian language schools in Italy offering a great variety of Italian language courses all year round. Each year around approx. 1600 international students choose to attend our Italian courses to live an “Italian” experience.

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