New Spanish communication seminars in Nerja

12 September 2012

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Students taking Spanish language courses at Escuela de Idiomas Nerja in Spain this autumn can join local participants in two innovative seminars on communication strategies, that focus on techniques and skills to achieve the best and most efficient communication in the professional world.

The ´Strategies to be Successful` seminar on 20 October includes activities and steps to achieve empathy and credibility - essential elements in any professional communication function. ’Image as a Professional Aid’ on 7 November focuses on improving personal and professional image as well as visual perception.

´Strategies to be Successful´ will be given by psychologists, who will encourage participants to open their mind with verbal and non-verbal communication exercises, exploring the immense possibilities of improving in their professional field through better communication decision-making. Participants will learn the appropriate way to communicate for the particular situation, and when to use personal or professional messages and different levels of formality.

’Image as a Professional Aid’ will demonstrate how to use personal image and its potential as one of the strongest forms of non-verbal communication. Participants will learn how to analyse each situation to define the correct level of formality and how to analyse their look and professional dress to reflect the status of the organisation. By creating the right impression and understanding how visual communication works, participants will be able to make a more positive impact and improve their professional credibility, which will also increase their self-confidence.

These professional seminars are great value at just €30 per person. Participants need B1 level Spanish or higher.

More Information:

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja website


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