Language lab is popular at French school in Paris, France

8 December 2006

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More than 80 students take language laboratory sessions each week at the France Langue French language school in Paris, proving the enduring popularity of this flexible language learning aid. Many students at France Langue use the lab to improve their pronunciation, like Sachiko Kano, a Japanese make-up artist enrolled on a nine-month French course at the Paris school. “Everyday I come to the language laboratory before my French classes so that I can improve the way I pronounce the French “R” and my accent in general in French,” she says. Swedish Au Pair Anne Lindahl uses the lab to develop her advanced French language skills. “I'm working on the subjunctive mood. I repeat model sentences, conjugate verbs and answer questions,” she says, adding: “The language laboratory teacher intervenes when I make a mistake.” Time spent in the language lab is also an effective way to accelerate general language learning, as Sister Margaret Correa from India has discovered: “I decided to come to the language laboratory every day and have already noticed a big improvement in my ability to read out loud, understand and communicate in French,” she says.

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