Interview with John France, owner of Langports Brisbane and Gold Coast

8 July 2013

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Langports has schools in two locations: Brisbane and Gold Coast. Students of more than 50 nationalities, made Langports their school of choice to study English in 2012.
Brisbane is a young, vibrant and modern city with friendly people and a laid-back lifestyle. The Gold Coast is Australia’s number one holiday destination, and Surfers Paradise is its heart.
What’s special about Langports? Langports is a family run business and we are all very committed to providing our students with an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Many leave us commenting that the time they spent at Langports was the best ever, and they will always remember it. What better reward can we get?
About yourself? Q. Languages you speak or would like to speak? Unfortunately I only speak English fluently – I’d love to speak so many others! Q. Favourite travel destination? I love Australia but always have a place in my heart for Wales. Q. Favourite pastime? My beautiful Grandson. Q. Favourite meal? Fish and Chips. Q. Dream dinner guests? Billy Connelly, My Mother, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Elizabeth Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch’s mother) and Elvis Presley.

This month, we speak to John France, founder and owner of Langports Brisbane and Gold Coast, who tells us about the schools and how it feels to be part of IALC.

Q: Hello John, when did you join IALC and why?

We joined IALC to become part of an association that promotes quality and membership helps create differentiation in this area with other schools.

Q: How does it feel to be part of this exclusive global community of quality language schools?

The camaraderie amongst members, who are all owners of prestigious schools worldwide, provides for an environment where we can exchange ideas and information that in turn, will help each of us to become to innovate and improve.

Q: How is 2013 going for you and how does it compare with last year?

Langports has enjoyed a great a great start to 2013. Even though the strong Australian dollar makes it more expensive, our student numbers are growing.

What are the main challenges you have to face in Australia at present?

The strong Australian dollar.

Q: What are your main aims for your schools this year?

Always our aim is to continue to improve the experience and benefits our students receive from being part of the Langports community.

Q: Anything new this year? If so why did you innovate? Can you already measure positive returns?

We have just moved to new premises in Brisbane, allowing us to increase our capacity and within 6 weeks we are close to being full.

Q: Where do the majority of your students come from?

Last year Langports enjoyed students from over 50 different countries, but our seven major markets are Switzerland, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Colombia, Middle East and South Korea.

Q: What are your most popular student activities?

In Brisbane our Thursday evening ‘Pub Night’ always is very well attended. The students like the social interaction with each other. At the Gold Coast it is inevitably water sports, such as surfing that is in most demand.

Q: Finally, what would you say are the main benefits of learning English with Langports Brisbane and Gold Coast?

Langports provides a community where students can feel welcome and comfortable. The courses are innovative and are aimed at getting the best learning outcomes. Our teachers are highly qualified and extremely motivated. The great mixture of nationalities provides a culturally rich experience.

It seems our students like us, as for the last two years they have voted us on Education Stars, the No1 and No2 School in Australia. In 2011 No 1 was Brisbane and in 2012 it was Gold Coast!

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