ILI’s In-person IEP classes set to resume in August!

Written by Roshna Rai 29 June 2021

ILI’s In-person IEP classes set to resume in August!

The IALC English language school International Language Institute of Massachusetts in Northampton, USA is excited to announce the recommencement of their Intensive English Program in-person classes!

Over the past year, the ILI Online IEP has gone on an exciting journey with both ups (lively Zoom discussions) and downs (wonky Internet, anyone?). Through this ILI was able to learn lots of fascinating new online vocabulary: Jamboard, Padlet, Screencast-O-Matic.

Despite the challenges of switching to virtual classes, they have managed to pick up some powerful tools for teaching and learning English to bring back into their classroom, ranging from Google Classroom assignments to Flipgrid videos.

However, the coloured markers, dusty whiteboards, and crinkly poster paper have all been dearly missed by ILI staff and students alike. Though they were able to take advantage of Zoom breakout rooms and Google Doc collaboration, virtual equivalents cannot compete with real face-to-face interactions.

Therefore, ILI are looking forward to doing role plays, act-outs, and games with actual physical movement in the classroom. They can’t wait to hang up papers on walls, huddle with partners at tables, and feed off the energy of group discussions.

In 2021 and beyond, the IEP will aim to combine the best of both worlds: online learning management systems like Google Classroom and on-campus immersion in U.S. language and culture.

To learn more about IEP in-person classes click here.

Located in beautiful downtown, Northampton, Massachusetts ILI is celebrating over 35 years of excellence in teaching languages and training teachers.

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