BEET Language Centre offers FCE & CAE Summer Booster Courses

Written by Sarah Beasley 27 May 2020

BEET Language Centre offers FCE & CAE Summer Booster Courses

IALC-accredited language school BEET Language Centre offers NEW Online FCE and CAE Preparation courses that are designed to be as versatile as possible. One of the best features of this programme is its modular nature - each 4 week course comprises the modules below. Each module is 1 week/20 lessons in length:

Module 1: Speaking & Listening

Module 2: Reading & Writing

Module 3: Examination Practice

Module 4: Grammar & Vocabulary

Whilst all of the above are essential components of the exam and students are recommended to study all four modules at least once, those who have already covered certain skills are able to select individual modules in isolation to avoid repetition. Equally, if students need to double up on one or more of the skills, they have the freedom to do so without having to repeat all four.

Course content will be different for each set of modules to ensure all students covering the full 4, 8 or 12 week programme will get maximum benefit. Each 4 week block of modules will run back-to-back so a total of 3 possible start dates will be available for each individual module (1 in July, July and August).

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