10 reasons why you should learn English at IALC-accredited schools in the United States.

Written by Rosie Baker 25 septiembre 2019

10 reasons why you should learn English at IALC-accredited schools in the United States.

IALC language schools provide thousands of high quality courses for all ages, levels and needs. As well as teaching the language in the country where it is spoken, IALC language schools provide exceptional learning experiences.

Sky-dive in Hawaii, snowboard in Massachusetts, walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, take a boat trip in Florida, cheer on the Boston Red Sox, take a selfie in front of the White House in Washington or walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York! At an IALC school in the US, you can experience this and more alongside your studies!

Here are our top 10 reasons for studying in the US from students and staff at IALC language schools in the US:

1. Quality Standards

Our quality guarantee means you can choose IALC schools with confidence.

To ensure consistently high standards, our schools are accredited under the IALC Quality Scheme. This involves an inspection at least every four years, an annual audit which measures our members’ commitment to quality development through an annual online assessment and a new inspection scheme which focuses on the satisfaction levels of agents.

2. “Study Abroad experiences in the US offers opportunities like no other”

International Center for Language Studies, Washington

From hiking, biking and exploring history in DC at ICLS, studying on the beach in Miami at TLA and experiencing ‘the best road trip on the planet’ from New York City to San Diego when studying in Brooklyn, (BSL),  there is an extraordinary amount to see and do when learning English in the US.

Check out the new video for ICLS above.

Other than living the dream, the US offers amazing university opportunities for those who want to continue their studies after completing their ESL courses as many of our schools offer University Pathways Programs. Imagine learning English at NESE or ELC Boston who are on the doorstep to Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world who has also topped the THE World Reputation Rankings since 2011!

3. The USA is welcoming

"All the people who work in ELC, staff, teachers and managers are so friendly." Jose Manuel Camarena, Chile - ELC English Language Center, Los Angeles, Boston, Santa Barbara.

Current ILI student Annie describes the USA as “community-minded” and feels that she is “really part of the community here.” Americans are friendly and interested in international students.  Home stay student, David loves that there are so many “very friendly neighbours.” International Language Institute of Massachusetts (ILI), Northampton, Massachusetts.

Our students always comment on the friendliness of Americans, and I think this openness helps make the transition to life in the US easier, as well as leading to lifelong friendships. International Center for Language Studies, Washington.

4. Exposure to native speakers

Living in the United States means constant exposure to native speakers. This means that students will be able to take their English learning a step further by observing the ways that native speakers use English as an example. As a bonus, students can learn about the different dialects, local slang, and accents across the United States! Students will recall their lessons very quickly when their only option’s to order a sandwich or ask for directions in their new city using English. ELC English Language Center, Los Angeles, Boston, Santa Barbara.

The USA speaks North American English, not British. For many students, American English is more familiar and easier to understand. Han Bit, a student learning English at NESE says studying American pronunciation helps her understand Australian and New Zealand accents as well. Another student, David wanted to hear “real American English,” which he thought helped him to “learn to speak more naturally.” The New England School of English NESE, Cambridge, Boston.

5. American family life and culture

Students in NESE homestays benefit from becoming completely immersed in the study of the English language, experiencing American family life and learning about American culture. In addition to dining and living with the students, families often invite students to join them on excursions such as shopping or trips to the beach. The New England School of English NESE, Cambridge, Boston.

6. American TV & Pop Culture – You’ve seen it on TV, now see it for real….

Rich Ambler, Director of Brooklyn School of Languages said: “When I take our new students out on the first day walking tour and I ask them about why they are here in New York, in 90% of cases they say "it was my dream to come to New York"...and I think that's still the key reason to come to the US. It's like a dream, they've seen it in the movies and on TV, and now they want to experience it!”

A student at Brooklyn School of Languages said: “I chose New York for its cultural diversity. There are also a lot of interesting places to visit. I was also a fan of the city’s pop-culture image."

Students at the International Center for Language Studies say they love American pop culture, TV programs and movies and they want to see the settings of the places in the country depicted in the shows.  Some say that the US is “more fun” than other countries. 

7. A rewarding personal experience

“It’s hard to define and simplify what my experience in Boston was. Today I can affirm that it was the most advantageous and rewarding experience of my life.

When I decided to leave my country for 8 months to go to USA, all that I wanted was acquiring fluency in English, but I’ve gotten much more than that. NESE’s propitious environment led me to share cultural experiences with students from countries all around the world and comprehend not only the English language, but also American’s Idioms and Culture.

Back in my Country, I keep in touch with my Nese’s teachers, friends from different countries, and my host family, whose members also played a fundamental and special role in my life in America.

Lastly, I have to say that I will always keep excellent memories from Boston and Nese!”

Elysangela Zorzo, Brazil - The New England School of English NESE, Cambridge, Boston

8. The Weather

Learn English in the US and have the best of both worlds!The USA has different weather. Students say they appreciate the choice of climates in different parts of the country. Some students prefer the four varied seasons of historical New England, while others would rather experience the beaches of hot and sunny California. International Language Institute of Massachusetts (ILI), Northampton, Massachusetts.

If you study at Global Village Hawaii, the average temperature is 28 degrees year-round and in winter it’s still 24 degrees! Perfect for sunbathing on Hawaii’s beautiful beaches.

Whereas if you like winter sports Boston and Washington are for you. Although it’s hot in summer, winters are cold and snowy, perfect for skiing and snowboarding! New York temperatures are very similar, making the big city even more magical when it snows.

9. Safety – The US is ranked in the top-third of the world’s safest countries

Honolulu, Hawaii is one of the safest cities in the U.S and is very multicultural - Global Village Hawaii.

Despite having a population of more than 8 million people, New York City consistently ranks in the top ten safest large cities in the United States.

Massachusetts, Washington and Florida also are ranked in the top 20 safest states in the US.

10. Diverse Culture – “Students in the United States get the opportunity to make friends with others from all over the world”

Students love that they can make friends and study with peers from around the world, not just from a handful of countries. Ili’s current student Han Bit says she can “experience diverse cultures, not just the US,” and this diversity keeps her engaged with her language learning, academic progress, and personal development. International Language Institute of Massachusetts (ILI), Northampton, Massachusetts.

Learning English allows students to communicate with all sorts of people with different mother tongues that they normally would not be able to talk to, as English is the lingua franca for ESL students. ELC English Language Center, Los Angeles, Boston, Santa Barbara.

And it’s not only through meeting friends. The US has an incredible mix of cultures and everything that goes with it: food, music, dance and festivals.  For example, every weekend in Boston and Cambridge, there are free concerts, cultural festivals, Neighbourhood Street fairs such as The Central Square World’s Fair held each summer.

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