Un refugio de relajación y todo tipo de diversión para estudiantes. Esa es la esencia de Lignano, un lugar a medio camino entre Venecia y Trieste.

Lignano es un lugar en la provincia de Udine, en la región de Friuli-Venecia Julia del noreste de Italia. Es uno de los principales lugares de veraneo del norte de Italia y es un hermoso lugar en la costa del mar Adriático... perfecto para el aprendizaje de idiomas.

Lignano Sabbiadoro beach

Students learning Italian in Lignano will find more than 40 beach establishments along the eight-kilometre long beach of the finest golden sand. You can rent beach umbrellas, beach beds, gazebos and even water massage tubs for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Whilst on the beach, you will be able to find some establishments that have bars, internet access, music and much more. In a specially reserved beach section, you can even bring your own dogs to the beach and if students decide to bring their own beach equipment, such as a beach umbrella then you can still access the beach for free.

Plenty of entertainment to enjoy from

If you want to move away from the beach scene and do something different, then the amusement  and theme parks are a perfect go to destination. In Lignano, you will find plenty of famous parks. The Zoo Punta Verde, Parco Junior, Aquasplash, and the Lunapark are all alternatives for students who want to change a usual beach day into a day filled with fun and excitement.

For those looking for some peace and quiet then Lignano Pineta is the perfect place for you. Cycle through the pine forest for an amazing scenic environment.

Local cuisine

Lignano Sabbiadoro is a coastal town which means there is an abundance of fish and local seafood. The majority of the restaurants in Lignano offer seafood, a common dish being the seafood pasta.

Learn Italian in Lignano for a great learning experience!

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