St Julians

St Julians Malta

Si estás planeando visitar y estudiar en Malta... elige en St. Julian's pues te espera un tiempo maravilloso. Encontrarás más que suficiente para entretenerte. Relajante, cultural, histórico, relajado, costero y hermoso. St Julian's lo tiene todo.

Un curso de idiomas aquí es una oportunidad no sólo para aprender un idioma, sino también para aprender en un lugar inolvidable. St Julian's es muy popular, normalmente fluye con los turistas, especialmente durante los meses de verano. Es un destino muy buscado por los malteses.

La población de San Julián es de 13,792 personas, por lo que si amas las experiencias personalizadas donde sepan cuál es tu café preferido o qué desayunas típicamente en cada lugar al que vayas mientras te atienden por tu nombre... esta es la ciudad perfecta para ello.

Las elegantes casas de la ciudad se encuentran a lo largo de las callejuelas y hay un número de excelentes y sombreadas zonas de descanso además de una serie de cafés, bares y playas de piedra con zonas de baño seguras y limpias. Hay mucho que ver y hacer incluso en un día de lluvia y buenas conexiones con el resto de la isla. También hay buenos paseos. 

 Explore St Julian’s

At the core of St Julian’s is Spinila bay, with an incredibly colourful fishing fleet, surrounded by restaurants and businesses with walking paths everywhere. It has its fair share of colourful Maltese luzzu fishing boats, making it a picture-perfect area. Enjoy a stroll along the winding promenade lined with historic buildings dispersed with modern construction that surrounds the tongue like bay.

Not too far from Spinola Bay, you’ll come across the much quieter Balluta Bay. One of the top places for a lovely swim. If you’re there at the right time, during the low tide a small section of sandy beach is exposed. You can explore the bay with snorkelling, sunbathing and even venture with a dive to see the shipwrecks.

Looking for something onshore There are various cafes where you can enjoy a hot beverage and sweet treats.

Party district

The renovated Paceville district, a former military haunt in the 1930s, is now the hub of Saint Julian's nightlife with an array of restaurants, bars, and clubs. Surrounded by a 5-star resort, cinemas, casinos, clubs, and pubs, this is the ideal place to be on a night out, as the neighbourhood transforms into a lively party district that never sleeps.

Relax and Enjoy the Coast

How about a day of shopping?  The Bay Street shopping centre located in St. Georges Bay is a mall that has 4 floors equipped with restaurants, open till late stores and even an arcade. There is also an outdoor shopping area along with events and entertainment programmes creating a lively atmosphere.

Studying in St Julian’s is nothing less than wonderful. You will find more than enough to keep you entertained. This laid-back town has it all, the culture, history, and beauty. A language course here is a chance not just to learn a language, but also to immerse within the culture.

Visita St Julian's en Malta para una experiencia educativa inolvidable!


Pembroke is a town next to St. Julian’s and the nightlife district of Paceville that blends history, nature, and culture, and it is regarded as the country’s newest locality. Because of its prime location and character, Pembroke attracts many foreign English Language students who want to stay with host families.

It stands out in the area with its many historic buildings that date back to the Knights of the Order of St John and especially the British era. Pembroke has evolved into a charming and fairly green residential town with its own historical and scenic coastline, where you can swim and snorkel in the clear water. There are also some fascinating natural features: Harq Hamiem cave is impressive in its geological formation, with a very deep fresh water lake, but access is limited. Harq Hamiem Valley is home to around 400 species of plants, some of which are rare. 

Learn English in St Julian’s, Malta for an unforgettable educational experience!

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