Meet Anna Diaz, Director of French language school IS Aix-en-Provence

16 February 2015

Anna Diaz, Director of French language school, IS Aix-en-Provence

This month we talk to Anna Diaz, Director of French language school IS Aix-en-Provence. The schools specialises in quality French courses for mature and adult international students. IS Aix-en-Provence offers tuition for small groups with excellent end experienced teachers, all in a friendly atmosphere.

Q. When did you join IALC and why?

We joined IALC many years ago to take a step forward in terms of marketing and best practice and we have been satisfied with the outcome.

Q. As School Director, what are your projects for IS Aix-en-Provence?

I've been the Director since 2008 and our challenges for the future is to develop new courses and tools for new markets.

Q. The school is moving to new premises in January. Why are you moving?

To be able to welcome students with disabilities and offer a stimulating learning environment. Our students will be able to enjoy two sunny terraces as well as a green garden with its small pond. Perfect for a cup of coffee and a chat (in French) under the planetrees!

Q. What developments do you expect in France in 2014? How will they impact the language travel industry?

France is the world's number one tourist destination and continues to attract with its culture and nature but France can always improve in service and innovation.

Q. Where do the majority of your students come from?

USA, Scandinavia and German speaking countries.

Q. What are your most popular student activities?

Cooking classes and wine tasting, Provence offers fabulous gastronomic possibilities.

Q. 3 things that make your school special for your students?

Dedication to our students, excellent staff and wonderful surroundings.

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About yourself:

Q. How did you get started in the industry? How did you reach your current role?

I started out working at the reception at IS and I have always loved service and contact with people. Someone wonderful saw possibilities in me and taught me the tricks of the trade.

Q. Languages you speak or would like to speak?

Swedish is my mother tongue but I speak English and French as well. I dream of picking up and becoming enough fluent in Spanish to impress my mother in law.

Q. Favourite travel destination?

Stockholm, my home town. Summer, spring, autumn or winter, always beautiful and I get to see friends and family.

Q. Favourite pastime?

Battling it out with the honeysuckle in the garden or reading a novel in the shade.

Q. Favourite meal?

Anything with ratatouille and a glass of chilled rose wine.

Q. Dream dinner guest(s)?

Barack Obama

Anna Diaz, Director of French language school, IS Aix-en-Provence

IS Aix-en-Provence

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