InTuition Languages is now a proud member of IALC

5 March 2024

InTuition Languages is now a proud member of IALC

InTuition Languages is a leading provider of homestay language immersion programmes, where students live and study in the home of a private tutor.

They have over 30 Years of Experience with tens of thousands of bespoke language courses successfully designed and delivered.

InTuition Languages offers programmes in 9 languages in 19 countries, wherever their host tutors live. They have a wide range of customised courses for different purposes and levels giving students all the attention they demand to accomplish their language aims, while also discovering the culture and lifestyle of their host country.

Learn English with InTuition UK-Based Home Tutors! 

Why Choose InTuition?
  • Tailored Learning: Expert tutors customize lessons to your specific needs and goals.
  • Real-Life Conversations: Practice English in authentic, everyday situations.
  • Flexible Schedule: Learn at your own pace.
  • Cultural Insights: Discover British culture, traditions, and local nuances.


We exchanged a few words with Mr. Simon Thorley, CEO of InTuition.

- What are the most popular courses at your school?

At InTuition, we take pride in offering language programs across approximately 750 locations worldwide. Our unique approach ensures that our host tutors, who live in these diverse locales, become your guides to language and culture.

Popular Program Requests:

  • Language for Work: Sharpen your language skills for professional success.
  • Business Language: Master the nuances of business communication.
  • Academic Language: Prepare for academic excellence.

But that’s not all! What sets us apart is our flexible InTuition immersion—a program where the entire family can participate. Whether you’re traveling solo or with loved ones, our immersive experience awaits you.

- What do your students love most about your school?

Our students love the 1:1 attention and personalisation which each programme brings. They don't need to share their teacher with anybody else!

- Why did you decide to join IALC and how do you feel about it?

We are delighted to have joined IALC. As a proudly independent language school, we believe that the values which unite all IALC members dovetail precisely with our school's ethos and focus on very high quality, 100% personalised language training experiences.

View the FULL School Profile here

Meet InTuition Languages and all our other IALC members at the 2024 IALC Workshop in Cardiff.

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