What’s special about Young Adults PLUS at Malaca Instituto?

Written by Bob Burger 27 Januar 2019

What’s special about Young Adults PLUS at Malaca Instituto?

What’s special about Young Adults PLUS at Malaca Instituto

Spring starting dates: 8, 15, 22 April 2019

2 years ago we added the PLUS option to our already successful Young Adults Spanish vacation programme aimed at the 15-20 age group. In its first year it produced a 30% increase in the Young Adult programme – it seems that we had created a course which really responded to a specific demand. So what was the secret?

By adding 4 x 1-1 lessons per week to a classic vacation programme of lessons and activities we have created a course which is not only serious, fun and vacational but also has an element of individual revision to help ensure that it responds to the needs of each individual participant, especially with regards their next school exams!

Our agents tell us that this helped them to find a new niche of serious students – the kind who are always good news for agent and school alike.

Of course, the location of Malaga with its combination of history, culture, museums, Mediterranean life-style and fantastic weather, does help as well! As does Malaca Instituto’s Language School Campus.

So, if you want some highly satisfied young adults and parents, the next starting dates are coming up soon in April.

For further information, please contact Bob.burger@malacainstituto.com

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