Québec City

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Learn French in Québec City, Canada!

Québec City is the birthplace of French North America and the only walled city north of Mexico. Its European background and modern North American character are set off by a combination of history, traditional and contemporary art, and French-language culture which makes Québec City a top destination.

In Old Québec, a treasured UNESCO World Heritage site, you can wander and immerse in over 400 years of history in the birthplace of French North America. It is the most intact fortified town north of Mexico, retaining its colonial architecture.

Wander through Petit-Champlain, one of the oldest shopping streets in North America, and explore the historic gems founds inside the walls, including the fortified walls and ramparts. Tour the shops and marina of Old Port and bask in the atmosphere of the Plains of Abraham and Parliament Hill.

Québec City’s unique culture

Quebecers are known for their warm and welcoming hospitality. The residents are proud of their francophone culture and North American roots. The endless activities and attractions on offer throughout the year gives you the opportunity to experience the wealth of this vibrant and authentic culture.

A top foodie destination

Québec City’s passionate chefs have made the city a culinary magnet. Combining the flavors of its French and indigenous roots, Québec City celebrates the richness of life through its cuisines with an unconventional flair. From festive and vibrant to warm and earthy, the local chefs create quality cuisines that accentuates the farm-to-table lifestyle found throughout the region.

The fun never stops in Québec City!

No matter the month or season, there are always plenty of things to see and do, for free or at a great price in Québec City. From pop-up shows to historical festivals, theatrical happenings, and sports events you will never run out of things to do and see!

If nature is your calling, the Québec City Area is famous for its natural beauty, ranging from peaceful lakes to rolling rivers to the glacial valley in Jacques-Cartier National Park. In under an hour from Québec City, you will find yourself in larger-than-life settings of lakes, mountains, and endless forests. This makes the surrounding area a perfect combination for a trip where you can enjoy both the city and the nature.

Enjoy a winter wonderland in Québec City under a blanket of snow. The snowflakes and lights make it just that much more magical and romantic. Experience one of the world’s largest winter carnivals right here in Québec City, where you can relish in a host of activities for all ages, including night parades, snow sculptures, shows, and skating.

Québec is also one of the safest major cities in Canada, having one of the lowest crime rates in North America. Québec City is an ideal destination for an extended stay and a great place for students to learn French.

Learn French in Québec City for a culture rich experience!

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