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Die IALC-Sprachschulen bieten intensiven Sprachunterricht mit Tausenden von hochwertigen Kursen für alle Altersgruppen, Kenntnisstufen und Anforderungen an.

141 IALC-akkreditierte Ganzjahres- und Sommerschulen.

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Q1 - Dialoge

"I have been at Dialoge for three months now. For me it is a huge adventure. When I first arrived at the school I couldn’t understand some of the words and sentences, but now I know so much more and I can speak German a lot better."

Josip L. G.

Q2-CES Leeds

"I needed a high score in the IELTS Test and the great team of CES Leeds helped me to achieve my goals - I even got a higher mark than I needed!! Without a doubt, I recommend this wonderful school"

Lucia, Spain


"I’m really honored to say, Cairns College of English and Business made my dream come true!"

Bella, Taiwan

Q4 - Mandarin House

"Mandarin House is the best place to learn Chinese!"

Greg Barrett, Canada

Q6 - Piccola

"Excellent standard of teaching with such a variety of topics that helps me improve my Italian year on year. Lovely, friendly staff throughout the school. It has a real feeling of being one big happy family! Thank you. I’ll be back again next year."

Steve Thomas, United Kingdom at Piccola Universita Italiana


"During my time at ALCE, I have significantly improved my Italian and also my cultural knowledge of Italy."

Santino, United Kingdom

Q8 - Galway

"Galway and studying English in GCI has been one of the most memorable times of my life. I was afraid that I would not like the city or the school, now I do not want the journey to end."

Sedef, Turkey

Q9 CLIC Malaga

"I went to CLIC in Málaga for three weeks and it was the best experience I have ever had! I have done languages courses before in Spain, but I liked Málaga the most!"

Bonnie, Student

Q7 - ESE

“I have not enough words to describe the incredible experience I had at ESE school. The teachers, receptionists, classmates, the team in general, even the director and the staff at the cafeteria were great. I felt all the time like at home. I made friends forever. Thank you ESE!”

Veronica Olivera Escudero, Colombia


Global Village Victoria launches new IELTS portal

Global Village Victoria launches new IELTS portal

We are pleased to announce Global Village Victoria has launched its new IELTS portal.


Genki Japanese and Culture School opens new school in Nagoya

Genki Japanese and Culture School opens new school in Nagoya

We are excited to welcome Genki Japanese and Culture School in Nagoya.


Celtic English Academy wins Fairplay Employer Award

Celtic English Academy wins Fairplay Employer Award

The school had been recognised for its strengths in resiliency, adaptation and forward-thinking in building an inclusive workforce.


New French Canadian school joins IALC

New French Canadian school joins IALC

Learn French in Canada at IALC’s newly accredited French immersion school: Edu-inter French School.


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