Quality language schools worldwide

Founded in 1983, the International Association of Language Centres is a global network of high-quality, independent language schools that teach the official language of their country.

Learning the language where it is spoken is the most effective and enjoyable way to improve your all-round language skills fast and gain deeper cultural insight.

IALC language centres specialise in teaching the language where it is spoken to people from all over the world. We provide language courses for a variety of learners, from students to business people and from school kids to teachers, all with a guarantee of quality. Wherever you see the IALC logo, you’ll find professional language training and outstanding service.

IALC is a non-for-profit membership association. We represent high-quality language learning at private, independent language schools and have a growing body of carefully selected and accredited members across the world.


Our Mission

To be a dynamic community of language centres delivering high-quality learning experiences worldwide

Our Vision

To be the leading association for the learning of languages abroad to enhance global communication and understanding

Our Values

Learning: this is our service to students and our own philosophy

Dynamism: we are responsive, competitive and open to change

Trust: we aim to instill and inspire trust through our service and ethics

Quality: this is the hallmark of IALC schools

• Global community: we foster international understanding and collaborate and share across the world


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