Torquay International School Launches Innovative English and Wellbeing Course

2 February 2024

Torquay International School Launches Innovative English and Wellbeing Course

Torquay International School, a leading language school renowned for its commitment to quality language education, is excited to announce the introduction of a new English and Wellbeing course. This unique program is tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their English skills in an international environment while immersing themselves in the rejuvenating practice of private yoga sessions.

Designed to provide a holistic learning experience, the English and Wellbeing course integrates language instruction with personalised afternoon yoga sessions. Led by experienced instructor Julia, participants can expect a week filled with a diverse range of rejuvenating and restorative practices. These include Mindfulness, Yin & Yang Yoga, Sound Healing, and Yogic Sleep.

Julia, with her wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensures that the yoga sessions complement the language learning journey. The practices aim to cultivate a clear and focused mind, providing the energy needed for sustained concentration during studies. Additionally, participants will benefit from deep relaxation, helping to integrate and internalise the knowledge acquired throughout their English language studies.

This innovative course not only focuses on linguistic development but also emphasises the importance of mental and physical well-being in the learning process. Torquay International School believes that by combining language education with holistic practices, students can achieve a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to personal and academic growth.

Enrol today to embark on a transformative journey that enhances both language proficiency and overall well-being. IH Torquay continues to pioneer in delivering enriching educational experiences that go beyond traditional language instruction.

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