Tips for students on how to get the most out of learning German in Vienna from Actilingua in Austria

12 August 2007

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German school, Actilingua Academy in Austria, has several tips for students on how to get the most out of learning German in Vienna this summer.

Firstly, plan as early as possible - the sooner students book their German programme in Vienna, the bigger the chance of getting the course and accommodation that suit them best. This is especially true when taking long-term lessons - accommodation issues are especially important.

Secondly, booking ahead often means students can enjoy the benefits of discounts and special offers. For instance, by booking a 2008 German language course at Actilingua now, students can save money by paying 2007 prices.

Another way for students to save money is to make the most of Actilingua's free callback service. Students simply provide them with a contact number, and then Actilingua will call them back at a suitable time and answer any questions they may have. Actilingua is also happy to converse in either English or German.

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