New York

Manhattan Island

Learn English in New York, USA!

So students taking an English language course at Manhattan will find many of the city's most famous sights within striking distance. Skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building dominate the skyline, while in-between the many gleaming towers are historic gems like St Patrick's Cathedral, where John and Jackie Kennedy married, and beneath them elegant shopping streets like 5th and Madison Avenues.

A culture capital

As a cultural capital, New York boasts world-class museums, including the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art and MOMA – the museum of modern art where you’ll see Andy Warhol’s pop art and breath-taking Jackson Pollack canvasses. Contrasting areas of the city such as Central Park, Greenwich Village and Wall Street brought to life by writers, filmmakers, artists and musicians lie waiting to be explored in person. The districts of Chinatown and Little Italy are the most famous of many that bear testimony to New York’s multicultural population. No stay in New York is complete without a visit to the dramatic Statue of Liberty and nearby Ellis Island, where the millions of immigrants who built the United States first arrived.

Food Glorious Food!

New York is famous for its food, and its restaurants offer just about every world cuisine. There are so many popular dishes and snacks that you must try during your stay, so we’ll get your list started right here. The bagel, one of New York’s most famous snacks. This handy dandy little wheel of joy can be enjoyed on the go. Calling all pizza lovers! New York welcomes you to endless $1 slice pizzas. World-famous Jewish dish, Pastrami, is slices of succulent beef brisket that's brined, smoked, and steamed to perfection. The Waldorf salad and Eggs Benedict are among the dishes said to have originated here.

Why the Big Apple? The most popular explanation is that “apple” was a slang term for the prizes offered at horse races back in the 1920s, and New York being the biggest race, became the “big apple”.

The city that never sleeps

New York is packed with cool metropolitan bars, hip nightclubs and entertainment venues. From the big shows on Broadway to cutting-edge drama off-Broadway, from star performances at Madison Square Garden to the intimate music clubs of Bleeker Street, the Big Apple has something for everyone, every night. The neon lights of Times Square have to be seen once in a lifetime and for a dramatic image of the famous Manhattan skyline, take the Staten Island Ferry by day or evening.

Beyond Manhattan are yet more thriving, fashionable and distinctive boroughs, like up-and-coming Brooklyn, accessed via another New York landmark, the Brooklyn Bridge, and once a separate city. It has a thriving scene and a wealth of 19th century terraced housing on tree-lined streets. The borough of Queens is home to the New York Mets baseball team and US Open tennis championships.

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