Learn Japanese in Kyoto, Japan!

Learn Japanese in Kyoto, a city where you can come in to contact with Japanese cultural history in everyday life.

Kyoto was the capital city of Japan for over 1,000 years. Though no longer the capital, numerous cultural assets remain all over the city such as Buddhist temples, Shinto Shrines, and traditional artisan techniques such as the tea ceremony.

Why learn Japanese in Kyoto?

With a population of almost 1.5 million, Kyoto is a student-friendly city with affordable living and great connections. Its nature and culture have named Kyoto the city of 10000 shrines.

In the Gion district in eastern Kyoto, you will find the world-famous Kiyomizu-dera, a Buddhist temple founded in 778 AD sits on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful views of the city and above the Otowa waterfall. In Gion it is not uncommon to cross path with a Maiko (an apprentice Geisha) or even a Geisha herself.

Nature can be found everywhere in Kyoto, from the Sagano Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama, where you can walk through a forest of swaying bamboo, to the breath-taking bay views and crystal clear waters of Ine-cho, known as “The Venice of Japan.” Kyoto also offers the chance to experience some of Japan’s most magnificent and tranquil gardens, such as the world’s most famous Japanese ZenGarden, Ryoan-ji Temple.

Plenty of markets to explore!

There are some great markets in Downtown Kyoto such as the famous Nishiki Market, where you can find Kyoto cuisine such as: tsukemono (Japanese pickles), fresh tofu, Kyo-yasai (Kyoto vegetables), wagashi (Japanese sweets), tea, and fresh fish and shellfish. Close by there are several large department stores, as well as hundreds of smaller shops selling lacquerware, washi (traditional Japanese paper), ceramics and Japanese teas.

Great for manga and animation lovers!

Japan is famous for manga and its animation. Well the country’s first manga was actually born in Kyoto, with the “Choju-giga” which was drawn 800 years ago being handed down to Kosanji in Kyoto. Students can visit the city’s 200 meter “Manga Wall” at Kyoto International Manga Museum.



Learn Japanese in Kyoto for the ultimate cultural learning experience!

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