Learn Japanese in Nagoya, Japan!

Nagoya is one of Japan’s three great urban centres and is the most populous city of Aichi Prefecture. Nagoya is for students who not only want to learn the Japanese language but also get into the heart of Japanese culture. Dive into the rich history and heritage of Nagoya through a variety of traditional and modern art museums, temples, and breath-taking gardens. Not to forget Nagoya Castle!

Discover the beauty of Nagoya

During the Edo period, Nagoya Castle was the base of one of the three branches of the Tokuhawa clan making it one of the richest and most powerful castle towns in the entire nation. As a result, today the castle grounds are expansive and pleasant to explore. Students can enjoy various festivals such as cherry blossom viewing and the summer festival during June. Be inspired by the green spaces and city parks in Nagoya where you can simply enjoy the weather or take part in the many seasonal events held by the city. The annual Nagoya Tournament of the Japan Sumo Association is one, not to miss.

Experience a tea ceremony in Nagoya, there are a few places in Nagoya, where students can experience a traditional tea ceremony and some places even cater to foreign visitors with an English adaptation of the ceremony. Students can also visit one of many tea houses where they will be served a tea set which can be enjoyed while being surrounded by a beautiful Japanese garden or traditional Japanese architecture. 

Perfect for students!

One of the biggest attractions for living in Nagoya is the rent prices. When compared to Tokyo and Osaka, rent in Nagoya is considered very reasonable, making it ideal for students.

Home to the best transportation network, students can explore the city and neighbouring towns using the easily accessible transportation hub. With stations covering the city head to toe, making no journey more than 30 minutes, you will be able to spend more time exploring this lovely city.

Top cuisine

Like all regions of Japan, Nagoya has its speciality cuisine both rich in flavour and variety. At the heart of its food culture, there are popular items such as tebasaki (Japanese style chicken wings) misokatsu (pork cutlet with thick miso sauce), kishimen (long flat Japanese noodles) however Nagoya’s most well-known dish is hitsumabushi a traditional fish dish.

There’s so much to do in Nagoya!

The shopping scene in Nagoya is unique and ranges from upmarket department stores, emphasising luxury and high-end fashion to the traditional Osu Arcade where students can stock up on inexpensive daily necessities and bargain souvenirs. Nagoya offers shopping experiences that suit every budget.

A short bus ride from downtown Nagoya will take you to Nagashima Resort. Students can spend the day at Japan’s best destination for roller coasters at Nagashima Spaland amusement park. Unwind at the outstanding Yuami no Shima hot spring complex and cooldown at the Joyful waterpark offering visitors a variety of water slides and swimming pools.

Nagoya not only offers students a city with rich history, culture, and beauty but it is also home to many museums where you can learn and experience technology and science. Explore museums showcasing the history and future of Japanese trains including in-depth exploration on the shinkansen (the bullet train) and the maglev. Take a walk-through Toyota’s storied past at The Toyota Automobile Museum.  But most impressively Nagoya houses the world’s largest planetarium called Brother Earth at Nagoya City Science Museum, featuring a realistic recreation of the stunning night sky.

Learn Japanese in Nagoya for an extraordinary learning experience!

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