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    Centro Catalina is a Spanish school in Medellín in the renowned and very beautiful neighbourhood of El Poblado, just 5 minutes walk from Parque Lleras and Poblado Park. The school is situated on a...

Learn Spanish in Medellin, Colombia!

Located in the beautiful Aburra Valley, the city is truly a gem to behold that is cradled on all sides by lush green, tropical mountains in a setting that can only be described as paradise. But, it is probably the local people who live in Medellin (paisas) that truly make the city spectacular! Renowned for their warm, courteous and friendly attitudes, paisas really know how to make visitors feel right at home when visiting Medellin!

Often referred to as the "City of Eternal Spring,” Medellin offers an exceptional environment for learning Spanish. With its pleasant climate year-round, Medellin provides an ideal setting for language immersion. The city is renowned for its clear and neutral Spanish accent, making it an excellent place for language learners to hone their skills.

Beyond language learning, Medellin offers a plethora of attractions and activities for students to explore during their downtime. One must-see spot is the iconic Plaza Botero, where students can admire the renowned sculptures of Fernando Botero, one of Colombia's most celebrated artists. For a taste of Colombian culture, students can visit the Museum of Antioquia, which showcases a rich collection of colonial and contemporary art. Additionally, a ride on the city's innovative Metrocable system offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes and provides easy access to Medellin's diverse neighborhoods.

Student life in Medellin is vibrant and diverse, with numerous opportunities for socializing and engaging in extracurricular activities. The city boasts a thriving nightlife scene, with lively bars, clubs, and salsa dancing venues where students can unwind and mingle with locals. For outdoor enthusiasts, Medellin offers an array of outdoor adventures, including hiking in the nearby mountains, exploring picturesque parks, and enjoying scenic bike rides along the city's extensive network of cycling paths. Moreover, Medellin's central location within Colombia makes it an ideal base for weekend excursions to nearby attractions such as the picturesque colonial town of Guatape or the stunning landscapes of the Coffee Triangle region, providing students with ample opportunities to further immerse themselves in Colombian culture and language.

Choose to learn Spanish in Medellin to experience the warmth of climate and people in this enchanting city!

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