Learn English in Cork, Ireland!

Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland and its name means “marsh,” referring to the marshland where the city centre was originally built. This vibrant city is a great place to live and study, as it has a small city centre and is very walkable. You’ll rarely need to use public transport in Cork!

Despite being a small city, Cork has a lot of culture and activities to offer. It was named European Capital of Culture in 2005 and it hosts several festivals throughout the year.  It’s conveniently close to many of Ireland’s famous attractions, including Blarney Castle, Barryscourt Castle and the beautiful historic seaside town of Kinsale, which is famous for its food festival, so there are plenty of day trips to explore more of Ireland.

Discover Cork’s appeal

Cork has several interesting museums, including the Cork Butter Museum, the old City Gaol and Cork Public Museum in lovely Fitzgerald’s Park. For stunning historic architecture, Cork boasts St. Finbarr’s Cathedral, a beautiful 19th century Gothic building. In the centre of the city, it lies of a site of worship since the 7th century. Art enthusiasts will love the Lewis Gluckman Gallery, which displays major exhibitions of international art and also hosts workshops, film screenings, art classes and lectures. The Crawford Gallery is another important arts attraction with free admission.

Cork is known as the “Shopping Capital of Munster” – Munster is the southerly province of Ireland - and visitors and local people journey to the city to take advantage of the abundance of department stores and high street brand shops. Shopping hot spots in the city centre include the Cornmarket Centre, the Merchant’s Quay, the English Market and the Paul Street Centre. Opera Lane is a new outdoor shopping mall that is home to some of the hottest fashion names.

Explore Cork!

Visiting the English Market is a must during your study stay in Cork. This historic covered food market is the oldest of its kind in Europe, established in 1788. The tables are laden with local artisan produce and delicious farmhouse cheeses as well as international delicacies.

The Lough Park is one of the most intriguing amenities in Cork – a freshwater limestone lake in a shallow depression. It receives its water from springs and from water that percolates from the ridge to the north, where the Lough parish church is located. It’s teeming with wild birds and it’s a favourite place for reading, walking, picnicking and simply observing nature. Take a walk around the Lough and enjoy a coffee or a bite to eat at the restaurant and bar on the southwestern end.

Enjoy a traditional Irish evening in Cork

An enjoyable and quintessentially Irish experience in Cork is an evening in a cosy pub where a group of musicians will be playing traditional music to an enthusiastic dancing crowd. Kick up your heels and join in the dance!

Learn English on the banks of the River Lee in beautiful Cork!

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