IALC Approved Agencies - Terms & Conditions

It is important that you read this IALC Terms & Conditions for IALC Approved Agencies before making an application:

  • In order to be recognised as an IALC Approved Agency for the year, an applying agency must complete the simple application process and receive approval from 3 IALC members they have worked with in the preceding 12 months before applying.
  • It is important that you are in good standing with all members of IALC in order to be accepted as an IALC Approved Agency for the year.
  • If approved by 3 IALC members, the agency would then receive IALC Approved Agency status, which is valid for one year.
  • An IALC Approved Agency must continue to keep working with IALC member members in order to remain eligible to receive this status again next year (2020).
  • An IALC Approved Agency must be qualified, experienced and share the same high standards of quality support as an IALC member.
  • An IALC Approved Agency must have a clear procedure for receiving and acting on client feedback.
  • We encourage our IALC Approved Agencies to print and display their Certificates and use the IALC Approved Agency logo on publicity materials.
  • All IALC Approved Agencies are asked to create a direct link on their website to www.ialc.org.
  • An IALC Approved Agency will be kept up to date about the latest news from IALC and its members via our IALC Agency Newsletter.
  • Our IALC website will list a Directory of all IALC agencies.
  • If a complaint is received about an IALC Approved Agency from a customer or an IALC Member, the IALC Approved Agency would be suspended from IALC Approved Agency status and their listing on the IALC website would be removed until the dispute has been resolved.
  • The IALC Board reserves the right to revoke the IALC Approved Agency status to an agency at any stage.
  • For all enquiries about the IALC Approved Agency please contact info@ialc.org
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