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    TREFFPUNKT is a renowned language institute that caters for both...

Study German in Berlin, Germany!

Germany’s dual education system has two principles: the ‘unity of learning and research’ and an emphasis on apprenticeship - active learning by doing. This makes Germany a popular location for foreign students, and Berlin is an example of this education system working superbly.

In Berlin you’ll find a relaxed environment for studying, a respect for learning and the incredible experience of living in a multicultural and historic capital city. Other benefits to learning German in Berlin are the simple street plans, great public transport and amazing nightlife!

Live with history

Intricately decorated baroque churches, a Romanesque cathedral dating to the 11th century, buildings richly decorated with tromp l’oeil paintings such as the town hall, narrow medieval streets and buildings, it’s easy to feel like you have stepped way back in time as you wander the streets of Old Bamberg. It’s difficult to run out of beautiful buildings and museums to explore and admire in this stunningly preserved town.

Smoky beer!

When it’s time for refreshments, Bamberg is full of tasty Bavarian specialities. And it is practically compulsory to try Rauchbier, one of the most famous beers brewed in Germany. Its unique smoky flavour is produced by drying malt over an open flame in a smoke kiln. There are 9 breweries in Bamberg and you can visit Schlenkerla brewery in the heart of Old Bamberg, where they have been brewing smoked beer since the 15th century.

What better place to immerse yourself in to learn German, one of Europe’s most popular languages!

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