The IALC Study Travel Research Report 2017 is coming soon

Written by William Barber 21 九月 2017

The IALC Study Travel Research Report 2017 is coming soon

We’re delighted to announce that The IALC Study Travel Research Report 2017 - The student perspective on language study abroad: Student expectations, experiences and satisfaction will be launched at an exclusive IALC seminar at ICEF Berlin on Sunday 29 October.    

Research background: 

  • 4,755 responding students at IALC schools 
  • Spanning 136 countries
  • Benchmark for 9 languages
  • Covering 20 language travel destinations   

The research identifies and measures changes in pre-arrival and post-arrival preferences for responding students at IALC schools and provides quantitative and qualitative information on any unexpected benefits and disappointments of language study abroad.  

This year’s research report goes further than any previous IALC Study Travel Research Reportbefore it by tracking whether a student’s existing language knowledge or proficiency, or a previous study abroad experience, influences pre-arrival and post-arrival preferences and ultimately evaluates the levels of student satisfaction.

Some key learning outcomes of the 2017 Research Report:

How do students choose their school?   

  • The three dominant sources of information when searching for a language school abroad were school website (32%), local agency (26%) and a friend/relative (20%) 

What makes students happy and where their actual experience lags behind their expectations?       

  • Features most praised by students were school atmosphere, experiencing another culture and teaching
  • Areas for improvement were quality of accommodation and outside-of-class experiences. 
  • English and Japanese learners claimed having the best study abroad experience.   
  • How satisfied were students after the language course?   
  • 87% would choose the same city.
  • 90% would choose the same language school.
  • 88% would choose the same language course.
  • 81% would choose the same accommodation type.   

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