New for 2019: Advertise on the IALC website

Written by William Barber 3 七月 2019

New for 2019: Advertise on the IALC website

Would you like to advertise on the IALC website to promote your school and drive brand awareness?

The IALC website is a great way to reach new clients. It is easy and straightforward to arrange and we will provide you with the feedback metrics you need for further marketing.

With an average of 29,100 visitors per month to, your school be seen throughout the site on either the IALC homepage, destination page or IALC news page. 

Advertise on the IALC Website:

  • Average monthly visitors to 29,100 
  • Average age user: 27
  • Our website is accessed across 199 countries.
  • Target your advertising from events: During ICEF Berlin 2018 our website was accessed by 37,350 unique users.
  • Percentage of traffic per device: Desktop 60% - Mobile 35% - Tablet 5%

IALC Homepage Adverts

Homepage - Right-side Feature Advert price:
1 month: €800, 2 months: €2000, 3 months: €3200 
This is the largest advertising space on the site. 

Homepage - Lower-placement Banner throughout site:
1 month: €650, 2 months: €1400, 3 months: €2500
This lower place advert will give you extensive exposure!

IALC Destination Page Adverts

Destination page - Mid-placement Destination Banner throughout the site
1 month: €500, 2 months: €1200, 3 months: €2200 
Featuring on a Destination page of your choice!

IALC News Page Adverts

Find a school search - Mid-page Banner throughout news paths:
1 month: €500, 2 months: €1200, 3 months: €2200
Promote your brand with this speialised search pathway.

You can download our latest Media Pack for 2019-20 here:

IALC Media Pack 2019-20

If you're keen to get involved by advertising on our website just contact

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