Lyon Bleu International celebrates 20 years

Written by Rosie Baker 5 六月 2019

Lyon Bleu International celebrates 20 years

IALC-accredited French language school, Lyon Bleu International will celebrate its 20th anniversary by hosting an open doors event in its premises on Thursday, June 6th. 

Students and staff will help celebrate the occasion tomorrow, along with local dignitaries, neighbours and merchants.

In an interview with Frédérique Di Tullio, the school’s Director and Owner shares how Lyon Bleu began and how membership in IALC benefited their development over the years.

How did Lyon Bleu start?

Lyon Bleu started with a project with 2 other colleagues at a French school where I was working in the mid 90's. They could not continue the project, one because she found a German husband and the other because the financial side was too complicated for her. So I started Lyon Bleu alone, relying on another school where I was a teacher and head of study.  This first stage lasted 4 years and my little Lyon Bleu became big enough to be autonomous. So we moved in new premises, after buying the shares of my partners

 How have things changed over the years?

There was of course the evolution of the team, which grew, the customers who have diversified, the locals who have also changed (we are at our current address since 2010). The biggest change has been in the development of know-how. Mine and those of my teams over the years. I must say that membership in IALC, in addition to giving me commercial opportunities, allowed me to learn a lot from my peers.

What would you say is unique and special about learning French at Lyon Bleu?

What our students tell us is that they feel that their needs, their budget, their expectations have been taken into account, that the members of our team, professors or administrators, are kind, patient and attentive. This gives them a feeling of comfort and psychological security, and pleasure!!!! I am very happy when I read this from the questionnaires that we receive from our students at the end of their program, because that means that Lyon Bleu has grown and become professional, without losing its original spirit when the school was smaller, that is the closeness we like to have with our students.

What are your main aims for Lyon Bleu in 2019-20?

We have a lot of projects. Some concern the material, the renovation of some parts of the premises, to make them even more welcoming and pleasant. Others concern pedagogy with the continuous training of our team of professors and the creation of new courses. Finally there is also all the marketing and communication we continue to implement, to promote Lyon and Lyon Bleu!

Finally, what are your highlights from working at Lyon Bleu?

Lyon Bleu would not be what it has become today without all the people who work or have worked in Lyon Bleu. The teachers tell me that they like the organization and the follow-up given to them. The organization and the rigor are also important values in the administrative team. Staff members appreciate that the procedures and the relationship with clients and agents are precise and adapted.  This allow them to be serene and to take care of the students upon their arrival, knowing that everything will be fine, courses, accommodation student well-being.

IALC would like to congratulate Lyon Bleu International for 20 years. We hope you have a wonderful celebration tomorrow.

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