Langports English Language College launches its first evening course at their Sydney School

Written by Julie Nicoli 3 九月 2019

Langports English Language College launches its first evening course at their Sydney School

Langports English Language College has been present in the ELICOS sector for the past 15 years.

The newest addition to Langports’ range of offerings is an IELTS Flexi course with the goal to prepare students to succeed at the IELTS exam. The exam preparation course exclusively focuses on the 4 key elements tested in the IELTS exam. At night-time from 5 pm to 9.30 pm, students will be studying these 4 key areas, as well as exam strategies.

CEO Anna France explains “We have noticed a lack of evening IELTS exam preparation courses that allow students to pick the exact parts of the exam they would like to improve.” Research suggests that many students appear to have really high scores in speaking, listening and reading, while struggling with the writing part."

She adds: “At Langports we want to offer our students courses that are 100% customisable and tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. In this IELTS Flexi course they will have the option to solely prepare for specific parts of the exam, such as writing.”

Director of Studies and Course Developer Hayden Meads mentions “This exam tactic-based teaching style offers students an efficient way of reaching their desired IELTS score.” The students’ academic progress will be monitored in the form of weekly formative assessments.

Langports have three schools in Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast.

“Flexibility is key for students and hence, for us”, mentions Hayden Meads. Students will be able to start this course any Monday of the year and choose to study between 1 and 30 weeks. Over the course of the full 30 weeks, students can progress through 3 different levels, covering from pre-intermediate to advanced level.

“Many of our students would like to work during the day so it’s great we can give them the opportunity to do so and still be able to study for their exam!”, says CEO Anna France.

Enrolments for this evening IELTS Flexi course at Langports Sydney are now open for bookings starting from 14th October.

Langports has been awarded ‘Best Language School in Australia’ for 6 years 2011 -2015 and 2018.
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