IALC and Edvisor Announce Exclusive Partnership

Written by William Barber 22 九月 2017

IALC and Edvisor Announce Exclusive Partnership

IALC is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Edvisor, the leading technology provider in the education travel industry, to onboard all of its 140 prestigious member schools to the Edvisor Platform. 

The Edvisor Platform streamlines data sharing between schools and agents, allowing them to connect directly and work together in real-time. Schools can manage their brand, update their products, prices, and promotions, and receive applications. Connected agents can then instantly generate quotes, send digital applications, chat with schools, and use the integrated CRM to manage students. 

For nearly 35 years, IALC has been accrediting independent language centres and with members in over 100 destinations, the leading association offers a wide selection of quality schools for any agent worldwide.

The Edvisor Platform allows IALC to provide the most advanced technology to its members and makes it easier for agents to work with IALC schools across the board by centralizing information. Currently 45 of IALC members are live on the Edvisor Platform, and agents are already seeing the benefits of working this way. Bruno Contrera, Managing Director at STB Europe said of the IALC and Edvisor partnership: We're excited to be able to quote and register our students directly to all of our IALC partner schools in a single place. It will make our lives easier and it's a big step forward in connecting both sides of the industry While there are a number of small home-grown solutions in the industry aiming to make quote creation easier, they rely on manual 3rd-party data input and is only accessible to agencies.

Without real-time connections between both parties, they leave agencies in limbo once the quote is made, and schools have little to no control over their brand.

IALC president Giorgia Biccelli said: “This cooperation sets IALC at the forefront of innovation in the language travel industry. Edvisor’s cutting edge technology applied to B2B online services will be of great benefit to IALC members and agents, increasing synergies and business opportunities” 

This partnership is a big step into the future. With an exciting roadmap ahead for the Edvisor Platform, the partnership ensures that IALC and its members continue to stay on top of a quickly evolving industry.

Nicolas Miller, CEO at Edvisor added: “We’re thrilled to welcome IALC schools and agents to our Platform and further our shared vision to streamline collaboration and make international education more accessible to students everywhere.”

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