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21 八月 2017

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IALC is delighted to be once again partnering with UED (The Association of International Educational Counsellors – Turkey) for a Roadshow in Istanbul from 3 – 5 November 2017.

At the IALC Turkey Roadshow 2017, IALC members will meet with a group of carefully selected agents from Istanbul at a roadshow in their own city. 

In the lead up to this year’s roadshow, let's take a closer look at Turkey, one of the world’s top sending markets with an estimated 80,000-100,000 students going abroad each year, ranking among the top 15 senders globally.

Turkey could be described as ‘a ripe market’ due to its large proportion of young people (43% under 24 years of age) and growing income among the middle class. As many as 95% of Turkish students say they would like to study abroad, and only about one in four university applicants finding a place at a domestic institution*.

Turkey sends about twice as many students abroad as it receives and a report from UED indicates that acceptance rates for member-referred students are in the range of 95-99% for many major destinations**.

In an interview with ICEF Monitor, the president of UED Eren Göker discusses the Turkish outbound market and states, “it’s not totally in Europe… it’s not totally in the Middle East. It’s between EU and the Middle East. Agencies are usually key points where students make decisions about where to study, what to study, and destination as well.”

Mr Göker continues: “Younger students tend to attend the shorter courses, up to six to eight weeks. The older the student the longer the course... once the language course is finished students tend to go on a masters course. Language courses, masters programmes, these are the main programmes. But there are many students looking for travel and leisure programmes, work and holiday, work and study programmes too".

UED is an association that prides itself on the quality of their member agencies and the service they give to education providers and we are delighted to be working with the association again this year to bring you the IALC Turkey Roadshow 2017

For more information on the IALC Turkey Roadshow 2017 contact william@ialc.org and to watch the full interview with UED president Eren Göker click here

Key research courtesy of ICEF Monitor.

*Keys to the market: Turkey 15 Jul 2016

** Turkey aims to build on recent gains to host 150,000 international students by 2020 22 Jun 2014

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