South Africa opens its boarders to international travellers

Written by Sophie Wykes 29 октября 2020

South Africa opens its boarders to international travellers

IALC accredited English language School in Cape Town, Good Hope Studies, was one of the first to open for face-to-face lessons and gives you an insight on entry measurements, Covid-19 prevention measures and the benefits to chose Cape Town as a destination for language studies. 

After a 6 months travel ban, South Africa has finally reopened its boarders for international travellers. 
While language schools were allowed to open as soon as June, 18th, many language schools remained closed with no students permitted to enter the country. On June, 22nd, Good Hope Studies was the first language school to open for face-to-face lessons. International students who stayed in Cape Town during the lock-down where then able to return to our classrooms under very strikt COVID-19 prevention measurements. 
With summer just around the corner (the best time to visit Cape Town, alongside with spring and autumn) and considering that New Zealand and Australia keep their boarders yet closed for international language students, Cape Town is the best destination for an escape to learn English.

A so-called "traffic light system“ regulates who is allowed to enter South Africa. Low-risk countries that show a lower infections rate than South Africa, as well as medium-risk countries, may enter South Africa by following certain entry requirements. This includes presenting a negative test within 72 hours prior to departure and by undergoing a screening at the airport upon arrival. Furthermore, all travellers are asked to download the COVID Alert app before entering South Africa. 

Students from high-risk countries are still not permitted to visit, however, could enter on a study visa if they remain for at least three months or if they spend 10 days in a lower-risk country prior to entering South Africa. The list that has lately been downgraded to 22 high-risk countries is re-evaluated every second week. 

The team at Good Hope Studies is happy, ready and prepared to welcome international students into our premises again. The measures taken to prevent the spread of the pandemic within our campuses, has shown to be very effective as safety and high quality standards have always been a top priority for us. Teaching in the garden, especially under the South African sun, is a delight for students as well as our teachers. At the same time, we guarantee fun, new ways of a cultural exchange and a long-lasting lifetime experience for those deciding to study with us. 

Cape Town is recognised as one of the cities with the lowest living costs which makes extended stays easy but it is best known for its unique beauty, rich culture, endless possibilities for adventures, sports activities, a mild climate all year round, safaris outside the malaria zone, classy vineyards that offer the world’s best wines or stories of a history with many faces. 
Take the chance, come and visit us!

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