Outdoor English Learning with Brooklyn School of Languages

Written by Sophie Wykes 29 октября 2020

Outdoor English Learning with Brooklyn School of Languages

Brooklyn School of Languages is introducing a new outdoor English language course in the heart of New York City in May 2021. This new course has been brought about by the restrictions that have been imposed on us all by Covid 19 and offers an incredible opportunity to learn English at the same time as exploring the delights of New York. 

A classroom with no walls:

"Our new English Outdoor Course immerses students in NYC life and culture. Our English lessons will take place in outdoor locations all over the city, allowing students to learn English and make the most of New York in a socially distant manner, all while enjoying some of the best views the city has to offer.
Truly the best of both worlds!

Being immersed in the life and culture of NYC will add a unique element to the classroom experience. Instead of simply discussing NYC related topics in a classroom, students will be able to truly experience NYC life and culture first-hand.  Classes will be rich in cultural content and conversation and include weekly regular cultural and educational field trips around the city. 

All our morning classes will take place all over the city in well-researched venues and locations showcasing the best of New York. Instead of being in a room with 4 walls, students will learn in places such as Central Park, the MET Museum, Washington Square Park, Governors Island and more. The city will become their classroom! Locations have been carefully chosen based on comfort, space, ease of access, proximity of public restrooms, etc."

How will it work?

"Same course content and quality, same CEA accreditation, same staff to welcome you, same boutique school atmosphere, but a new and exciting way to learn the language and discover the city!

Primarily taking place in the shaded and quieter areas of some of New York’s best parks and gardens, the classes will also incorporate the best in modern technology. Our teachers will have iPads to assist them, and a portable Wi-Fi router, allowing easy Wi-Fi access for everyone.

Students can expect to be in small classes (max 8 students for adults, 10 students for our summer juniors program), and will gather socially-distanced around a table in semi-circular seating or in a row, on park seating (no seating in the grass, unless they want to!). We have a long list of well-researched places for students to discover with their teachers. Classroom locations will change every day allowing students to discover great locations all over the city. 

On the rare days when it rains in the morning in New York, or on the few days when it is too hot during July and August, classes will switch to one of our carefully selected indoor venues or educational field trips. New York City is full of great museums and semi-secret indoor public spaces.

So the lessons are guaranteed, every day, whatever the weather."

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