Galway Cultural Institute Goes Green

Written by Rosie Baker 22 agosto 2019

Galway Cultural Institute Goes Green

IALC-accredited English language school, Galway Cultural Institute (GCI) in Ireland is actively engaging in supporting the environment by organising various events throughout the year, such as ‘Green Week’ or ‘Health Week’.

These weeks are actions and activities that work against the pollutants that are affecting our climate and environment.

GCI’s latest project has been replacing all lights in the school to LED to be more energy efficient.

Other weeks introduced abolishing all plastic cups and introducing reusable water bottles.

Galway Cultural Institute said: “It was a week of empowerment that motivates everyone to realise they can make a difference.

They added: “These green initiatives are aimed to raise awareness and provide information to students in order to educate them and support better decision making around their future environmental choices.”

IALC commends Galway Cultural Institute for their terrific initiative and we hope this will encourage others to make a difference.

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