ELC Sydney launch English Extra options for language students

27 fevereiro 2015

Students learning English with ELC Sydney

From March 2015, the English Language Company will run three new English Extra options for students using video to practice listening and speaking.

Speakout, for lower levels, uses video podcasts of native speakers talking about everyday topics such as family and work. The objective is to help students understand a range of accents and learn natural English in context.

Anecdote for intermediate levels, uses short videos of people talking about their own experiences, such as their best holiday or a memorable day. Students then have to prepare and practise for their own anecdote.

Film English, for higher level students, uses short entertaining video clips for vocabulary, listening and speaking practice. All videos are available online for students to watch in their own time for more practice.

"We're always looking for ways to make learning even more engaging and relevant," explain ELC.

ELC update student photo albums

ELC's latest photos show the wide nationality mix and great classroom atmosphere and are available to agents to promote ELC:

General English,

Cambridge Exam Preparation,

Academic English and

Evening English.

Students learning English with ELC Sydney

ELC English Language Company

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