ACET Commits to Creating a Greener Future for All

29 janeiro 2021

ACET Commits to Creating a Greener Future for All

English Language School ACET in Cork, Ireland has become the first school in Ireland to gain a Green Standard School accreditation. Green Standard Schools is a global, not-for-profit association of language schools that are seriously committed to protecting the environment.

The aim of Green Standard school accreditation is to lessen the impact that language teaching has on the environment by developing a set of policies and practices that language teaching institutions and their stakeholders can adopt and adhere to. 

As a socially responsible organisation ACET has committed to the process of continual improvement. This commitment includes more than just environmental issues: 

  • ACET English language school takes into account the well-being of staff, suppliers, students and partners. 
  • Reuse or recycle our waste within the school or ensure it is disposed of responsibly.
  • Purchase products that have high recycled material content and/or can be reused or recycled.
  • Purchase of energy efficient electrical equipment
  • To ensure our premises operate with energy efficiency in mind and are well-maintained to ensure minimum negative impact on the environment.
  • To carbon offset all air travel.
  • To make sure that students are aware of the school’s commitment to sustainability, our project and how they can contribute to them while studying with us.
  • To include lessons with language issues related to global, environmental, social, and financial in our curriculum. We will also give students the opportunity to discuss these topics and share their ideas and experiences in their multinational classes.

Guiding language schools towards a greener future

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