Helping Agencies Get Prepared for 2021!

In order to help agencies get prepared for the reopening of schools around the world, IALC, in partnership with Edvisor is hosting a series of Showcase Events that will provide agents with the latest information about the COVID regulations in each country as well as any new visa updates. We know that there are many questions that agents want to ask and these webinars are where you can do just that!

Find out:

  • Which schools are open for business and ready to teach!
  • Which schools are open on-site?
  • What are the regulations and quarantine restrictions for different countries?
  • What are the Covid-19 regulations in different countries?
  • What safety measures have schools taken to protect students? 
  • How have schools innovated and adapted over the last 12 months?

The Showcase Event webinars will answer all of your questions and showcase different destinations around the world.

There have now been 5 Showcase Events focussing on the UK, Ireland & South Africa, the USA & Canada, France, Portugal & Malta, Germany, Austria & Russia and Spain, Italy & Argentina

If you missed the live events you can download the Power Point presentations and view short videos from IALC schools in these areas here

Show these videos to your students and Get Prepared for doing business with IALC schools in 2021!

The next event, Showcasing  China, Japan & Jordan will take place on Thursday 20th May, 09:00 UK time /10:00 CET. 

The event will take place via zoom and you can register today by following the link below.

Register here

* By registering, you are registering for this event only. If you cannot attend the event but are interested in receiving the webinar recording you still need to register. 

Showcase Event Webinar Schedule

  • Tuesday 30th March, 15:00 UK time /16:00 CET: Webinar 1, - The UK, Ireland & South Africa
  • Thursday 8th April, 15:00 UK time /16:00 CET: Webinar 2, - USA & Canada
  • Thursday 15th April, 15:00 UK time /16:00 CET: Webinar 3, - France, Portugal & Malta
  • Thursday 29th April, 15:00 UK time /16:00 CET: Webinar 4, - Germany, Austria & Russia 
  • Thursday 6th May, 15:00 UK time /16:00 CET: Webinar 5, - Spain, Italy & Argentina 
  • Thursday 20th May, 09:00 UK time /10:00 CET: Webinar 6, - China, Japan & Jordan

  • Thursday 3rd June, 09:00 UK time /10:00 CET: Webinar 7, - Australia & New Zealand

* This schedule may be revised if global conditions change

We strongly recommend these webinars to all agents wishing to get the best start in 2021.

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