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Learn Russian online with our IALC-accredited language schools in Russia

IALC is bringing language courses to you with daily lessons designed to get you speaking your new language straight away. You learn through interactive online classrooms and real life conversations. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, whether you want to learn the basics or you want to focus on topics like travel, culture, or business, you can learn to speak a new language naturally and conversationally with our world class IALC language schools fantastic online programmes. 

Learn from our specialist world-class Russian language schools in Russia and begin your language learning journey today.

Learn Russian online in the Liden & Denz Online Classroom

The Liden & Denz  Russian language schools in Moscow and  St Petersburg have launched live online Russian courses that will have the same teachers and lesson content as the residential classes in their institutes in Russia.

The online lessons are conducted in exactly the same way, ensuring students benefit from the school's award-winning teaching methods and get the ideal help from qualified native teachers.

Regular homework and interactive participation will guarantee that students can see swift progress in their Russian skills. Find out more about online Russian courses.

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Learn Russian on line

Learn the Russian language with IALC through interactive online courses from the comfort of your home

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