Work experience programme in China makes positive start

20 June 2009

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Three students will join the work experience programme run by Mandarin House in July 2009. The programme is designed to combine a Chinese language course with on-the-job experience of professional practice, and develop and enhance the students' Chinese language skills in a working environment. Announcing the programme, Mandarin House director, Jasmine Bian, said, “It is a great way to learn about the company culture in China.”

As a taster, Jasmine provided a few examples of Chinese business etiquette. Business cards are presented with both hands, with the card facing the recipient, and Chinese business people should be addressed by title and surname. If people clap when someone is introduced, it is considered polite for the person being introduced to clap along. Business visitors are advised never to give a Chinese gentleman a green hat as it is associated with adultery, and never give clocks as these are associated with death. Finally, people should avoid expansive hand gestures when speaking.

Mandarin House has Chinese language schools in Beijing and Shanghai (pictured), where exciting developments were recently given the go-ahead. In March 2009, the State Council approved Shanghai's plans to develop into one of the world's top financial and shipping centres by 2020. Shanghai is already China's financial hub, home to the country's largest stock market, its major futures market for metals and energy, its gold bourse and its foreign exchange centre. To further refine its competitive positioning, the city will emphasize its financial stability and long-term potential for economic growth.

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